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2015-09-04 11:43 pm
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✉ [hmd/ooc contact/plot]

Name: Rev
AIM: Reverie Wulfram
Email: winged_reverie(at)hotmail(dot)com
Plurk: [plurk.com profile] citygrit

If you need to contact me, be it for HMD purposes or plotting shenanigans, just hit me up here.
I promise, it's safe!

ANONYMOUS is enabled
SCREENING is enabled
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2015-08-01 06:13 pm

✉ [ic inbox]

CSS » 006 » 073
"Not here right now. Which means I'm probably... somewhere else.
"If you're tryin' to get a hold of me for some reason, just wait for the tone and leave a message after the... thing.
"...Shit, that was... Th-that was bad. Is there some way to do this ov--?"

Please specify in the subject bar:
( text » audio » video » image )

( ROOM 006 » 073 ACTION SPAM )

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✘ [profile]

Name: Lord Murp Pdeetons: Ex-Convict; Destroyer of Chairs; Winner of Girliest Screams Murphy Pendleton The Third
Age: 39 (although in [community profile] ataraxion he is about 43-years-old now)
Canon: Silent Hill: Downpour
Original or Alternate Universe: Original
Canon Point: A few days after the Truth And Justice/Ending B continuity
Number: OPR » 006 » 073

your hand speak of a broken door handle of thoughts and deeds a little bird sings )
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2014-01-09 04:22 pm

✖ [appearance]

picture reference; 1, 2, 3

In canon, Murphy does not look particularly trustworthy with his rugged features, the unshaven appearances, and an unexplained scar on the right side of his face (it's most likely safe to say that -- between his past delinquent life as well as his time in prison and Silent Hill -- he has a quite few more).

He has brown eyes and short hair with bangs that lean towards one side of his forehead. He usually looks surely and a little rough around the edges, and definitely not someone who chooses to smile a whole lot. Not that he's had much reason to these days.

Though he has no canon height, I would place him somewhere between 5'11" to 6' or thereabouts, because he doesn't seem like that tall of a dude.

Time has taken a toll on Murphy in his new home, however, so naturally there have been some changes to his appearances. I will update this page as I go along, just so that people are aware.
@ Ataraxion

→ Murphy is currently 41-years-old right now. He was taken from about six months post-Truth & Justice ending, where he had been 39 at the time. Two birthdays (October 25th) has passed since Murphy's stay on the Tranquility.

→ Jump 008: Strela outpost. Probably got some marks from there.

→ Jump 010: Due to monsters, he's suffered slash marks across his back and chest, bite marks in his left shoulder and leg, right ankle.

→ Jump 012: Stab scar in the abdomen by River Tam.

→ Jump 015: Suffered extreme malnourishment and dehydration, causing him to lose a lot of weight. He's since gained a little bit of that back, but he's a bit bonier and maybe more well toned than he was before.

→ Jump 037: Several bullet wounds in his chest from where Anne had shot him, which will of course leave some scars.
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2013-09-28 01:04 pm
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✘ i forgot to remember to forget

Murphy will have a variety of memories to share for the EMPATHY PLOT below. Since I wanted to avoid too much tl;dr in the plotting post itself, I compiled a list of helpful excerpts and such.

Physical, Mental, Emotional
→ No matter the age limit, one will probably be unable to resist a sudden CRAVING for meat, waffles, and whiskey. In fact you might find yourself wanting to drink a lot. Times spent being inebriated kind of wind up outweighing your times being sober. Just about the only way Murphy is capable of getting through an entire day is with a large cup of coffee (and sometimes he makes it Irish).
→ Murphy is a very inward kind of guy. He'll act like everything is okay, but in truth he's dealing with a lot of losses. Alayne Stone (Sansa Stark), Nepeta Leijon, Dave Strider, and Alex Shepherd being pretty big ones. And while he wouldn't admit it because it was over a year ago, Murphy still hasn't gotten over Annie Cresta's suicide. If you're wondering what it is driving you to drink so much, it might very well be this extreme feeling of loss. And though Murphy tries to tell himself that it's fine, it's fine because he's been over this before, he's been through loss and abandonment... it's not fine at all. Because he's -- you're angry, snappish. Easy to lose your cool and bite off someone's head if they keep nagging at you, and even quicker to say that everything is okay. But it's a lie.
→ For the above reasons, there will be a deep feeling of depression and doubt, but no matter how much you try to fight it you know that there's no point. It's easier to give up than to battle against the inevitable failure. You try to hold on to optimism and hope for the best, but in the end you still wonder if everyone is going to leave you in the end.
→ His feelings for his remaining CR is almost enough to make up for how down he's been. There is anticipation over Anne Cunningham's marriage proposal, even though Murphy's been pretty private about the whole thing so far. It's one way of blowing the lid off of the current circumstances of his love life.
→ People who connect with Murphy will likely get random shit like Meat Loaf, Rolling Stones, and really bad country stuck in their head. You have been warned.


Once the memories start zapping through, characters will begin to experience what Murphy has experienced (both in canon and on the Tranquility):

→ Teenage Murphy learning to drive for the first time. And by that I mean he started joyriding illegally when he was like thirteen or something. Just imagine getting a good rush of wind coming at you at high speed down an open highway.
→ Having some mother-son like moments with one of the nuns at the orphanage Murphy was raised at. {ROBB STARK}
→ Murphy's wedding day with Carol. (And yes, this would be a perfect opportunity to realize that I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) by Meat Loaf was, indeed, his wedding song.)
His son being born. And just moments with Charlie in general, whether it's them playing baseball in the front lawn of their house, having picnics in a field by a tree with the family (just the three of them), flying kites, working on cars, or them falling asleep on the couch while watching Quentin Tarentino movies together. {HEATHER MASON} There is also a memory where Murphy gets a spook after Charlie disappears for a few hours, only to be found outside playing in the rain. The two clean up at the house but both wind up inevitable sick. They spend the next several days whining and being taken care of by Carol, Murphy's wife. {IRENE ADLER, ALEX SUMMERS, ANNE-MARIE CUNNINGHAM}
Bro times with Frank Coleridge, Murphy's Corrections Officer from when he was arrested and sent to Ryall State Prison. Yes, he has some good memories of those. Namely hanging out with Frank, playing poker together, and the officer sharing some cheesy sage father-like advice with the inmate. {ANNE-MARIE CUNNINGHAM}
"It's not your fault." The manifestation of Charlie Pendleton in Silent Hill absolving Murphy of his guilt.

→ Murphy was an unruly brat who likely got into a lot of fights with the other kids at the orphanage, so he probably got roughed up a lot when he was growing up. {IRENE ADLER}
→ Losing both his son and his wife -- with Charlie dead and his divorce with Carol being final. Murphy watches current events like a hawk and becomes obsessed with settling on revenge on his son's murderer. He's currently at that stage where he has an elaborate plan on how to kill Patrick Napier, but doubts his ability to go through with it at times. {AM}
→ Arguing with his wife after Charlie's death. Also Murphy discovering Carol's letter for the first time.
Breaking into a police cruiser and taking off with it. This can be followed by a long-ass chase scene in which Murphy spends ten hours avoiding cops and helicopters, which was probably made easier thanks to having a police scanner installed in the car he stole. (I also like to imagine that he had one of those Big Gulp cups from 7-11 that he probably peed in, because seriously. Ten hours.)
Brutally beating the shit out of and then killing Napier the Rapier. It's a pretty bloody scene. In spite of getting his revenge on his son's murderer, there is a huge hole of horror left on Murphy's conscience upon realizing what he's done afterwards. {HEATHER MASON}
Murphy agreeing to fulfill his end of the deal with Officer George Sewell for making it so that he could get to Napier. But at the cost of killing another man. (Like that scene isn't bound to raise all kinds of shady questions about Murphy's character, really.)
→ The beating of Frank Coleridge in the prison showers, rendering him into a vegetative state until the day he died after Murphy refused to kill him for Sewell. {ALEX SUMMERS}
→ Mistreatment by the fellow prison guards after obtaining "Cop Killer" status in Ryall. Years' worth of solitary confinement, abuse, and sharp things being put in his food. {ARMIN ARLERT}
→ Letting a man (JP Sater) commit suicide in front of him, who jumped to his death in the Devil's Pit.
→ Dying in Silent Hill: The bus accident, Murphy falling from the Centennial Building, Anne Cunningham shooting him in the back of the head.
→ Watching the Bogeyman snap a little boy's neck while all Murphy can do is watch. {ROBB STARK}
Murphy's confession.
→ Killing the Wheelman only to learn that it's been the manifestation of Frank Coleridge the whole time.
Turning into the Bogeyman and becoming a monster.
Murphy's post-Silent Hill/pre-Tranquility experience. How does a Silent Hill survivor on the lam cope? Very carefully. {ANNE-MARIE CUNNINGHAM}

Burying one of his birds.
Escaping Strela.
→ Murphy encountering a Shiver for the first time before realizing that Silent Hill has hit the Tranquility.
Anne Cunningham confessing her feelings for Murphy for the first time.
Confronting his ex-wife as a monster in the Otherworld, then dying and landing up in a prison where he faced a long time's worth of solitary confinement again.
Turning into a monster (the Repeater) and "killing" Nepeta.

If anyone wants to share any of these memories from Murphy (or if they have a personal preference), hit me up in the plotting thread over here!

→ Robb Stark

→ Anne Marie Cunningham
→ Heather Mason
→ Irene Adler

→ Firo Prochainezo
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2013-08-20 09:33 pm
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[sweet dreams are made of this]

What can I buy to make the sky turn blue again?
Where can I go to feel like I'm alive again?
Show me the places where I can forget your name.
I can't find anything except a void inside...

I don't have anything
Because I don't have you.
I don't have anything...

I've been stripped of everything except some flesh that bleeds.
And I've been robbed of everything except a soul, except a soul.
That needs: You, sweet you...

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2012-12-25 02:53 am


If you just received this text from your contact inbox:

Come to the Deck 004 Kitchens.


P.S. 5pm works, too.

...then chances are you're in for a bit of a surprise.

Why Deck 004? Because it's one of the least occupied places with the least likely chances of being interrupted and whatnot.


In commemoration to Someother-tember the 25th, Murphy's decided to do a little special thing for Sinterklaas. See, the poor guy hasn't had a decent Christmas in over a decade which, for a family man, is the worst thing ever. But the Tranquility folks are his family now, and he's actually kinda okay with that. :)

Murphy tends to overcompensate in the kitchen. He wants this to be awesome, and he wants you to feel awesome. Pretty much all of the food he's picked/collected himself, or what he's carted to the kitchen via veggie cart. Because he's just that diligent.

Sadly, there's not much in the ways of meaty foods (sorry Asato, but chicken is as easy to come by on the Tranquility as a decent spam recipe and you're not eating Jaye's), but there's plenty of other treats that he's gathered together into this meal-shaped incident, so you can expect:

REAL EGGNOG fffyeaaahhh
The Ponderton Irish Potato Soup
Sautéd Vegetables
FUCK YEAH it's bread so ready your bodies
Some shit with cranberries in them because that's festive right you know it is everybody loves cranberries
A small variety of instant noodley things holy shit
→ And of course, mashed poh-tay-toes (boil 'em mash 'em stick 'em in a stew)

(Also if anyone has any suggestions on foodstuffs to add, feel free to let me know and I can wave my magic handwavy wand.)

OKAY SO now that I've made myself phenomenally hungry, I leave you with this:

The candy cane supposedly originated in 1670 when the choirmaster of Cologne Cathedral had candies made in the shape of a shepherd's crook. He distributed them to childred attending the church's creche scene to encourage them to silence.
Today more than 1.75 million candy canes are made each year for the Christmas season.

Yes and you're welcome.

Addendum: Oh yeah so IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE CHARLIE BROWN except not really, it's awful.
As mentioned on my plurk, feel free to just use this as a general handwavy thing for THEY HAD A FAMILY SINTERKLAAS DINNER and it was all gooey and heartfelt and they totally made sure the cats didn't keep jumping on the table because seriously that shit is annoying.
Have anything else to add, just comment or whatever. It's probably safe to assume that everyone gets drunk and acts like idiots and eventually ends with Murphy and Alex crying over some reason or the other, Iunno.

Syrup also suggested gift exchanges at the end, so gift exchanges there shall be.