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✖ [appearance]

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In canon, Murphy does not look particularly trustworthy with his rugged features, the unshaven appearances, and an unexplained scar on the right side of his face (it's most likely safe to say that -- between his past delinquent life as well as his time in prison and Silent Hill -- he has a quite few more).

He has brown eyes and short hair with bangs that lean towards one side of his forehead. He usually looks surely and a little rough around the edges, and definitely not someone who chooses to smile a whole lot. Not that he's had much reason to these days.

Though he has no canon height, I would place him somewhere between 5'11" to 6' or thereabouts, because he doesn't seem like that tall of a dude.

Time has taken a toll on Murphy in his new home, however, so naturally there have been some changes to his appearances. I will update this page as I go along, just so that people are aware.
@ Ataraxion

→ Murphy is currently 41-years-old right now. He was taken from about six months post-Truth & Justice ending, where he had been 39 at the time. Two birthdays (October 25th) has passed since Murphy's stay on the Tranquility.

→ Jump 008: Strela outpost. Probably got some marks from there.

→ Jump 010: Due to monsters, he's suffered slash marks across his back and chest, bite marks in his left shoulder and leg, right ankle.

→ Jump 012: Stab scar in the abdomen by River Tam.

→ Jump 015: Suffered extreme malnourishment and dehydration, causing him to lose a lot of weight. He's since gained a little bit of that back, but he's a bit bonier and maybe more well toned than he was before.

→ Jump 037: Several bullet wounds in his chest from where Anne had shot him, which will of course leave some scars.