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≈ [permissions post]

CHARACTER NAME: Murphy Pendleton
CHARACTER SERIES: Silent Hill: Downpour
GAMES: [community profile] ataraxion and [community profile] maisondeportes

This is the permissions list for OOC (out of character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.
Backtagging: Yes.
Threadhopping: Yes.
Fourthwalling: I'm fine with it, but a warning would be nice.

Offensive subjects (elaborate): Silent Hill: Downpour touches on a variety of "risqué" subjects -- more notably:

→ child abuse
→ prolicide
→ pedophilia
→ suicide
→ incarceration

I'm aware that these are triggering subjects, but they are prominent in the canon. Just let me know if either of these subjects are too much for you so I'll know ahead of time.

Other than that, any other kind of offensive subjects are all on the table, including language and all that other fun stuff. Murphy's not really an offensive character and doesn't go out of his way to cause trouble. Actually, he'll avoid trouble if he can. Additionally, he isn't really the type to get offended all that much, either, what with being in, you know, prison for so long. So we're good.

This is the permissions list for IC (in-character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired. With IC permissions, it's a good idea to elaborate on what other players can expect from your character if they choose to do any of the following:
Hugging this character: Depending on the situation, it'll be awkward as hell... but it's not like he's going to shank you for it.
Kissing this character: The situation very much depends on how he'd react to it. Same with the above, Murphy has not had physical contact/intimacy in several years, so chances are it'll be very awkward turtle for everyone involved.
FOR ATARAXION: Considering his current relationship (and just his overall attitude), he'll most likely push anyone off who tries. Forwarning.
Flirting with this character: Go for it. Can't vouch how well he'd react, though (because, again, awkward).
FOR ATARAXION: Also Murphy is kind of (finally) in a close romantic relationship with Anne Cunningham at this point, and he's very much a one-woman kind of guy. So, I wouldn't expect anyone's flirtatious wiles to get very far with him. The same can be said about anyone kissing him, too.
Fighting with this character: Murphy is very resourceful and can hold his own in a fight (he kind of had to, in order to survive prison as well as Silent Hill), so yes. Very much yes.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Murphy has taken quite a few hits in his day, so I am fine with letting him get pretty badly hurt if the situation ever calls for it. As I mentioned above, though, he will fight back in order to defend himself, most of the time.
Killing this character: You know, it depends...
FOR ATARAXION: I'd rather not, given the nature of death being permanent in the game and I have no intentions of dropping him anytime soon.
FOR MAISON: Long as you let me know first so we can work something out, I'm fine with it. Just know that excessive blood and violence has never bothered me, and I'm even willing to extend my limits.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: So yeah, Murphy is just an average dude with no superhuman abilities whatsoever. He really has no psychic defense against this sort of thing. Let me know ahead of time so we can hash out the details, but otherwise... yeah! I'm totally cool with this.

For anything that I have requested contact for, you can find my information over here.

Warnings: Because I play Murphy from the end of his canon (for [community profile] ataraxion he's from the Truth And Justice/Ending B continuity, and for [community profile] maisondeportes he's from the Full Circle/Ending C continuity), spoilers are going to be a major given for those who want to play the game themselves. I know that Silent Hill: Downpour hasn't been out for very long, so I'd like to be careful here, but at the same time... Yeah. I don't know. Sometimes, spoiler-like things might come up in his tags. Quite often.
If you'd rather I null out spoilers in my tags from him, however, also drop me a line here, or you can get a hold of me using any of the above contact methods.

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