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Your Name: Rev
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Email + IM: rnwashburn(at)gmail(dot)com
Characters Played at Ataraxion: Rey (OC/[personal profile] circumitus).

Name: Lord Murp Pdeetons: Ex-Convict; Destroyer of Chairs; Winner of Girliest Screams Murphy Pendleton
Canon: Silent Hill: Downpour
Original or Alternate Universe: Original
Canon Point: A few months after the Truth And Justice/Ending B continuity
Number: 006 » 073

Guess I'm not goin' that way.

- Downpour on the Silent Hill wiki
- Silent Hill Memories website


* For Ataraxion, Murphy will be taken from a few months after the events of Downpour. That way, he's had some time to adjust and get away from Silent Hill before he winds up on a spaceship of a similar nature.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations + Inventory + Appearance:

Age: While it's never stated how old Murphy is, he was old enough to father a 6-year-old, and he was in prison for several years. For future reference, I would probably pin him at about 39.

AU Clarification:

Log Sample:
The gunshot echo still cracked inside his skull, ringing in his ears and recent memory. He gripped his head, trying to focus on anything but the pulsing headache and the burning lights all around him, which plagued him ever since waking up from that damn tank. The doors leading to his passenger's quarters didn't do much to improve his mood, either.

With the edges opening just inches before slamming shut again, Murphy found himself on the outside -- isolated from his own room. He'd managed to figure out some things about what makes this place tick... utilizing the tattoo on his wrist to activate the door locks for several locations on this ship. But he found that there were still snags here and there.

Now, he refused to sleep out here in the common area. Not when he had a real bed waiting for him on the other side of this door. Sure, it was hardly any luxury hospitality no matter where he went, but it was still better than the pisshole he was stuck with back at Ryall. And, dammit, he was tired, and he was hungry, and he was not in the mood for service malfunctions around here.

That said, it didn't take long before physical violence was used.

In this case, the door had the most unfortunate pleasure of meeting the bottom of his boot on several occasions. It clattered a lot, pried open a little... but still no cigar. Murphy grunted in disbelief -- his luck just kept getting better and better...

"Come on, come on... Work, damn you!"

Shit. It wasn't even supposed to be like this. He was out. He was free, both from prison and that God-forsaken town. And now he was here -- wherever this place was -- trapped in one Hell, and crammed right into another. It wasn't prison, it wasn't Silent Hill, but it sure as hell wasn't the kind of freedom that he had in mind when leaving those docks.

"Fuck!" It was enough that the wall had just started to become simply an object of frustration, even after the doors parted. Because no other words could properly emote his fucking pissed off he really was.

Comms Sample:
[Murphy has his hand over the side of his bangs, his eyes refusing to look directly at the video feed when it flips on. He's still been trying to figure out how the hell these things work, anyway.]

"Tch. This is gonna sound crazy, but, uh..."

[Terrible as he might be, he tries to hide it, but he's looking mildly alarmed.

[That out of the way, he goes out and says it plainly:]

"Well, a bird just flew out of my locker today." [Scared the bejeezus out of him, but he's not going to mention that part.] "He was small, and I doubt he's gonna make it on his own."

[He's not even going to ask how that happened. After all the crazy shit he'd been through in Silent Hill, he's learned not to ask questions and just roll with it. He's well passed that stage of having a meltdown.]

"If anyone finds him... let me know?

"Yeah... That's all."

[He can't see himself caring for a pet after all he's been through, but the prospect of a little bird helplessly starving to death (or worse) in this place is enough to worry him.]