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CSS » 006 » 073
"Not here right now. Which means I'm probably... somewhere else.
"If you're tryin' to get a hold of me for some reason, just wait for the tone and leave a message after the... thing.
"...Shit, that was... Th-that was bad. Is there some way to do this ov--?"

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[[ooc: And that was a fail. That last post was supposed to include these two links so you had an ooc reference on what she's talking about. My bad, I'm so sorry!]]

[ Traynor scrolls down through the data sent to her and forwards this part back within a few moments. ]

I believe this is what I was supposed to work on, sir. Though I would love to help with whatever you need done. I... like to stay busy.
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Ah. I... I see. I'm sorry.

[ A miscommunication and an assignment that wasn't. Traynor would have been getting discouraged except for the last statement. She perks back up. ]

Then we should be quite a pair. I'm not a technician, but I could try to help the best I could. What would you like me to do?
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[ She's doubtful, but willing to try anything. She nods; grimaces as she remembers it's through audio, and speaks instead. ]

All right; I'm up for it as long as you need me. When would you like for me to be available--and where, for that matter. I haven't happened upon the shuttle bay quite yet.